Accelerate knowledge sharing & build faster.

Build better software, faster

Codespeed is an AI-powered developer platform revolutionizing institutional knowledge, onboarding, and documentation in software engineering. We're solving the most costly areas of software development so you can write better code, faster.

Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.
Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.

Supercharge code quality & velocity

An engineering process visually connecting docs & discussion to code, line-by-line

Codespeed centralizes documentation and knowledge building inside the code editor instead of eight different tabs and five different apps. Reduce the friction to both record and surface valuable institutional knowledge to write better code, faster.

  • Keep docs & institutional knowledge connected to the actual process of writing code
  • Connects to VS Code and other popular code editors
  • Full versioned for freshness, located in your repo for security
  • Centralized search and AI assistance to find what you need fast
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Onboard engineers with code, not wikis

Onboard engineers in half the time

Onboarding new engineers to a large codebase used to take months. With Codespeed, developers can jump into any repo with guided walk-throughs called Code Tours that allow them to replay and tag team members in with questions anytime.

  • Eliminate costly meetings and pair programming sessions
  • Generate docs for Code Tours manually or via AI
  • Create Code Tours specialized for any layer, from frontend to backend or a detailed breakdown of a core algorithm
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Clear engineering bottlenecks

Build institutional knowledge for your team, not individuals

Codespeed builds institutional knowledge and eliminates costly information silos. Our tools allow teams to capture and share valuable knowledge inside their code editor that is traditionally unwritten or lost to the ether of closed pull requests or stale READMEs and wikis.

  • Avoid the risk of knowledge siloed among a few individuals, including technology core to the business
  • Eliminate gate keeping
  • Increase velocity & quality with more context spread among more people
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Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.