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Codespeed is a code writing assistant that lives inside your software editor and on the web, backed by the power of AI. Drastically speed up development with code tours and auto-syncing collaboration and documentation tools inside your code and IDE that fully leverage your institutional knowledge.

Request an invite to accelerate developer onboarding, clear engineering bottlenecks and information silos, eliminate tech debt, and move through your codebase with speed and efficiency in ways that traditional documentation tools have made slow and impossible.

Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.
Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.


Onboard engineers in half the time

Onboarding new engineers to a large codebase used to take months. Code Tours let developers jump directly into the code with guided walk-throughs they can replay and tag team members into anytime.

  • Code Tours introduce engineers line-by-line, inside their code editor
  • Eliminate costly meetings and pair programming sessions
  • Fully versioned inside your codebase for freshness and security
  • Generate docs for each part of your Code Tour manually or with Codespeed's AI
  • Tag in team members on any part of the Tour with questions and answers, preserved for future reference
  • Create Tours at any level, from frontend to backend onboarding or a detailed breakdown of a core algorithm
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Increase code quality and engineering velocity

Move fast and don't break things

Today's engineering teams cannot afford to move slowly. But breaking things or accumulating massive amounts of technical debt is no longer an option for startups and established tech companies alike.

Codespeed allows teams to rapidly re-align around infrastructure and architectural changes. Instead of burying discussions in Slack and closed pull requests, teams using Codespeed can discover and discuss tradeoffs and solutions in a truly agile way without the risks of significant downtime or mountains of technical debt.

  • Stop repeated mistakes, debug issues faster and increase your team's velocity
  • Showcase and easily share best practices
  • Codespeed's social tools focus discussion on actual code and architecture changes
  • Discussions are easily referenced anytime in the future via search and inside the IDE, helping engineers avoid costly future rewrites and tech debt
  • Tag team members into important conversations asynchronously and reserve time for meetings only when necessary
  • Discuss iterative changes where they originate and make decisions quickly
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Clear engineering bottlenecks

Build institutional knowledge that stays with the team, not individuals

Codespeed opens up insight and helps engineers share knowledge about any part of the codebase including those that only a few people know. Our tools make it easy to capture and share knowledge that is traditionally unwritten.

  • Retain knowledge about core parts of your codebase even if your team is constantly changing
  • Eliminate information silos and gatekeepers
  • Reveal the hidden knowledge behind parts of your codebase to increase engineering velocity and quality
  • Encourage a culture of collaboration and documentation by sharing knowledge that makes everyone's job easier
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Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.

Start writing better code, faster in minutes

Codespeed automatically plugs into VS Code, GitHub, and more

Diagram showing how Codespeed works.

Connect Codespeed to your IDE and repo.


Connect your Bitbucket or GitHub repository, install the Codespeed VS Code extension, and invite your team.

Add documentation alongside your code. Create playlists, groups & permissions.


Write documentation in layers alongside your code, inside your code editor.

Build knowledge and increase development velocity.


Get new team members up to speed in complex codebases and complete major engineering changes and enhancements in half the time.