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Codespeed is a developer platform backed by AI revolutionizing developer workflows around documentation, collaboration, and knowledge building. Codespeed accelerates knowledge building and recall inside the most popular code editors today so that every engineer can build better software, faster. — Read more

Lara Chelak, Founder & CEO

Lara Chelak Founder & CEO

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Build better software, faster

Careers at Codespeed

Codespeed is built for engineers and led by engineers. We operate at the quickly emerging frontier of developer tooling and AI.

  • We’re inspired and relentless
  • We take big swings with a bias towards action and an insatiable drive to build great things
  • We challenge traditional ways of doing anything
  • We push hard, win big, and are never average
  • We seek constant growth: individually and collectively. If you're not learning or teaching, you're not winning.
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