Codespeed instantly and automatically integrates into your code editor and repo. Creating an account, connecting your repo, and installing our extensions take just a few minutes so you can start capturing and leveraging the value of Codespeed almost instantly.

Here’s how to get any group of engineers at your company started with GitHub and VS Code.

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Two minute Codespeed setup

Our documentation and developer tools plug directly into your existing codebases on GitHub ensuring your documentation and collaboration are auto-synced, line-by-line.

After signing up for your Codespeed account add a few team members and dive into our one-click repo setup. We never store your codebase on our servers. Instead, we simply read your code to keep your documentation, discussion and knowledge synced and secure.

Next, install the Codespeed VS Code extension to your code editor. This extension brings Codespeed’s documentation tools directly inside your IDE, so you can keep documentation and discussion tightly coupled to actual code.

Tightly coupled documentation inside your code editor

The magic of Codespeed lies in how our tools eliminate the friction of traditional, wiki-style documentation building, discussions on Slack, and other scattered tools by pulling in discussion and understanding of code directly into the editor itself.

Engineers can both record and reference documentation from directly inside their code without ever leaving their editor. This workflow makes knowledge building and maintenance faster and easier ensuring the value of your engineering team’s knowledge sharing grows exponentially over time. Documentation can be created with AI or tweaked to share manual annotations as well.

Codespeed ensures engineers can find exactly what they need when they need it without the friction of traditional tools. As a result, teams can build better code, faster freeing up resources for your company to focus on what your engineers do best: building and shipping new products and features.

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