Onboard engineers in half the time

Onboarding new engineers to a large codebase used to take months. With Codespeed, developers can jump into any repo with guided walk-throughs called Code Tours that allow them to replay and tag team members in with questions anytime.

Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.

Accelerate your engineering & tech

Automate the onboarding process

Code Tours are a collaborative tool. Anyone can tag in a team member to clarify and improve the onboarding process with cascading effects for every future engineer onboarded after that.

  • Eliminate costly meetings and pair programming sessions Generate docs for Code Tours manually or via AI
  • Create Code Tours specialized for any layer, from frontend to backend or a detailed breakdown of a core algorithm

Free up valuable resources & staff

Centralized institutional knowledge inside the code editor

Code Tours are located inside each developer's code editor so you can centralize your docs and institutional knowledge and eliminate stale wikis stuck in eight different browser tabs.

  • Introduce engineers line-by-line, inside their code editor
  • Fully tracked so they're always up to date with the latest version of your codebase
  • Showcase & share numerous examples of best practices to build quality through consistency Cut costly pair programming sessions & retain valuable commentary for future engineers
Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.