Frictionless, fresh documentation & knowledge building

Today's engineering teams need to be nimble and lean so they can do more with less. Moving fast & breaking things, accumulating massive amounts of technical debt, or forcing engineers to fight their way through stale internal docs is no longer an option. Codespeed fills this gap with knowledge building that lives inside your code editor, not eight different tabs and five different apps.

Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.


Increase engineer velocity & efficiency & eliminate tech debt

Codespeed's collaboration and documentation tools eliminate tech debt throughout the full development lifecycle. Showcase best practices in the code editor itself, providing essential context while increasing velocity and quality.

Discuss iterations and how to best match objectives and tradeoffs in conversations preserved for future reference. Avoid costly rewrites, repeat mistakes, and high rates of bugs with frictionless, fresh documentation.

  • Tag team members into important conversations asynchronously
  • Avoid costly rewrites with more context around original decisions or audit codebases to tackle tech debt efficiently from a high level view
Illustration of two engineers sharing knowledge about their code.